Tariq Jameel Short Audio Bayans

Maulana Tariq Jameel was born in 1953 in the city of Lahore. He received his early education in his native town. His father was a landlord who was connected to agriculture as it is very common in Punjab. Molana Tariq Jameel started doing a bachelor of medicine degree MBBS but left it halfway as he was more interested in learning and seeking Islamic education. Later he joined Jamia Arabia raising to learn about Islam and religious studies. He is also a graduate of the prestigious university, government College University which is known as GC Lahore.
Tariq Jameel is famous all around the world for his sermons, bayan, and religious preaching. He has joined Tablighi Jamat for preaching Islam. He is a great Islamic motivator of the time. People of all clans and clashes belonging to any school of thought respect Molana Tariq Jameel and show great love for him. He has been awarded the most influential personalities for a consecutive five years by the Royal Al-Bayt institute of Islamic thought Jordon. He has been awarded a number of other national and international awards and honors. He is a writer of many books some published and some unpublished. His followers all around the world are millions. He regularly used to visit Canada, America, Africa, and all over the world for preaching and spreading the true meaning of Islam. He has a very calm and relaxing personality, which makes him a favorite of all. Harmony in his personality made him distinguished so much. Mp3 Bayan here presents you his valuable bayan so you can listen without any hurdle all of his bayans and it is free of any cost.

Allah Ki MarziDownload
Allah Ki NafarmaniDownload
Allah Ki NazarDownload
Allah Ki QudratDownload
Allah Ki ShaanDownload
Allah Kon haiDownload
Allah Sabh janta haiDownload
Badnaseeb aur be namaziDownload
Badnaseeb kon hogaDownload
Biwi ki shohar se NarazgiDownload
Tauba Ka darwazaDownload
Qisa ek jin - Junaid Jamshed kaDownload
Ek Syed Zadi ka QisaDownload
Emotional DuaDownload
Firon ki bandhiDownload
Firon ki laashDownload
Hazrat Ali (R.A) ki Dunia se NafratDownload
Muhammad (S.A.W.W) Ka hulia MubarakDownload
Hira Aur Jazba e EmaanDownload
Imaam Abu Hanifa (RA)Download
Insaan Ki PaidaishDownload
Jannat-ul-Firdaus Part 1Download
Qainaat ka sabh se meetha naamDownload
Maa Ki MohabbatDownload
Mein Hun Allah Ka HabibDownload
Muhammadi VisaDownload
Qayamat ka ManzarDownload
Qom-e-Aad Ki nafarmaniDownload
Sabar karne walon ko liyeDownload
Sabiq Padri ki NasihatDownload
Shadi ka Pehla dinDownload
Taif Ka Dardnaak WaqiaDownload
Ummat-e-Muhammad (S.A.W.W)Download
Umm e Maabad Ka WaqiaDownload
Owais Qarni Ka WaqiaDownload
Shaitaan Ka Passandeeda AmalDownload